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Eating Local Meal Plan for Spring

Salad Greens & Asparagus in the Garden What I hope to illustrate with the following meal plan for next week’s Seven Days 100% Local challenge  isn’t so much that there are many delicious fresh foods you can pick up at … Continue reading

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Rendering Fats at Home Primer, Lesson One

Despite the bad rap from conventional medicine and most nutritionists, fats from animals raised on pasture are of great benefit to human health. Saturated fats play many important biologic roles. They are an integral component of cell membranes, which are … Continue reading

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Charcutepalooza: Duck Breast Prosciutto

When my husband and I were about to be married, we did what many couples do and set up a registry. Rather, I did what many brides do and set up a registry. Husband-to-be wasn’t especially keen on the idea, … Continue reading

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Leftovers by Design: Chicken

I was having one of those days. Tired and hungry at five o’clock after a very busy day during which I hadn’t thought even once about dinner. There were some leftovers from the previous evening’s experimental spaghetti squash “lasagna” with … Continue reading

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Smells Like Spring Spirit

We were enjoying a lovely spring tease here last week and my mind began turning to nettles. I strongly believe that our bodies, if we let them, will guide us to the foods we need for health. In the winter, … Continue reading

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Fall Supper

Sometimes it takes a bit of desperation to try a food that you have convinced yourself that you don’t like. For me, it was cooked bell peppers. Until almost four years ago, I couldn’t stand them–even the smell of them … Continue reading

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Ode to the Tomato

After last year’s dismal tomato harvest, I went all out this year to ensure that we would have lots of tomatoes and I’m so pleased to find my efforts paying off now. I started plants from seed indoors late last … Continue reading

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