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Kimchi: The Prettiest Ferment

Don’t you agree? I’ve seen some pretty complicated kimchi recipes out there. First you have to brine the cabbage. Then you brine, separately, the daikon. Then you pour off the brine, reserving it, and then… Maybe in their own painstaking … Continue reading

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Newsletter and Class Schedule Online

My spring newsletter is online. If you don’t already subscribe, you can sign up to receive it here. Also, check out the spring class schedule (lots and lots of revisions on that one. I completely spaced Mother’s Day and Father’s … Continue reading

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Preserving Salmon Three Ways

Growing up in Maryland, I didn’t eat much salmon; we were white fish and blue crab people. I’ve been slowly learning, with help from my husband the fisherman, about when the different salmon runs happen here in Oregon and up … Continue reading

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In Not-So-Patient Anticipation

Last night, I picked up my first medicinal herb share. Making medicine is new for me and I’m excited to get fresh, locally grown herbs from Taryn and Michelle at Myriad Growers and start making tinctures, salves, liniments, and teas. … Continue reading

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Rendering Fats at Home Primer, Lesson One

Despite the bad rap from conventional medicine and most nutritionists, fats from animals raised on pasture are of great benefit to human health. Saturated fats play many important biologic roles. They are an integral component of cell membranes, which are … Continue reading

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