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Salad Niçoise(ish)

Recently, a friend was over helping me work through some of the clutter that has accumulated around the house. When lunchtime rolled around, I made us a what I call Salad Niçoise(ish): a bed of lettuce with pickled green beans, … Continue reading

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Top Five Food Preservation Books

Anyone’s who’s been in my home knows I’m a a bit of a bibliomane…an entire wall in our living/dining room is devoted to books (and just as many are shelved in the basement). Cookbooks and books about preserving abound, and … Continue reading

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Returning to Life, Returning to the Kitchen

Early this year, long-standing, relatively dormant health issues resurfaced with a vengeance and by spring, I found myself overwhelmed with fatigue, chronic pain, and a “brain fog” that would not lift. I took a break from teaching so that I … Continue reading

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