Eating Local Meal Plan for Spring

Salad Greens & Asparagus in the Garden

What I hope to illustrate with the following meal plan for next week’s Seven Days 100% Local challenge  isn’t so much that there are many delicious fresh foods you can pick up at the farmers market this weekend. There are, but in my experience, eating locally in a manner one can sustain not just for a week, but year-round, requires more than what farmers can harvest in any given week. Preserving food at home or buying locally grown and preserved foods keeps it local while keeping your wallet and your taste buds happy.

Some tips

  • If you haven’t yet figured out how to make your own cream cheese or don’t have home canned Oregon albacore tuna on-hand, try eating “as-if” local as a palate re-training exercise. Buy the non-local version if you must, but if it’s something you like, consider figuring out how you can start sourcing it locally in the future.
  • If you work outside the home during the week, do some meal planning, food shopping, and prep over the weekend. Make a big batch of pork patties on Sunday morning and hazelnut granola while the oven is still warm. Start apple-rhubarb sauce Sunday afternoon while you prepare the pear and rhubarb crisp, and get chicken stock started after dinner.
  • Likewise, prepare enough food for dinner and leftovers for lunch, especially for those who eat away from home.
  • Doing some prep work after dinner will make it easier to get dinner together the next day.

Hearty and savory local breakfast: pork patty, fried kale & onion, fried eggs, homemade sauerkraut


Canned Oregon Albacore Tuna


Salmon preserved three ways. Clocckwise from left, gravlax, smoked salmon, pickled salmon.


  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Scramble
  • Chicken Soup
  • Slow Cooker Carnitas with Home Canned Salsa Verde, Coleslaw, Black Beans, and Grated Cheddar
  • Cinnamon-Honey Custard
  • Drain yogurt for sirkand
Canning Tomatoes


Goose, Duck, Hen, and Pullet Eggs


Lots of pitted Bing cherries, summer 2009


  • Pork Patty, Fried Onions and Kale
  • Leftover Eggs Korma
  • Slow Cooker Lamb Stew with Frozen Peas, Carrot and Hazelnut Salad
  • Cherry Caflouti
  • Defrost salmon


  • Pancetta, Eggs Over Easy, Sauteed Onions & Overwintered Kale, Hazelnut Meal Pancakes with Honey-Sweetened Sour Cherry Sauce
  • Leftover Celery Root Soup
  • Salmon with Asparagus, Pea Shoot and Radish Salad
  • Pinot Noir Poached Pears (use honey instead of sugar) with Cream

About Chris

I am a personal chef and cooking instructor with a deep and personal interest in healing with whole foods. I started Lost Arts Kitchen so I could share what I have learned about preparing real food on a real budget while living a real life.
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